Align problem while cutting and engraving


I don’t know what i am doing wrong. In the first photo it looks okay but in the second photo it cuts and engrave in a very terrible way…I made a parameter fixing clean the lenses and camera but it is still doing this. i am pretty sure I am doing something wrong in this project but i need someone to tell me how i can avoid this issue.


Hi there:

Is that some kind of paper?please advise


it is a masking tape. I use it all the time to protect the material from the burn marks and ashes. the thickness of the material is 2.4mm. I use adobe illustrator to export the svg file and to convert the svg to the laserbox i use the small program that I found in this forum. For my other projects I don’t have any issue yet even more complicated ones laserbox engraves and cut perfectly but for this simple design I don’t know why I have issues.


Hi Mehmet:

There are several users have similar problem with you,their SVG can display normally in chrome but when it inport to laserbox it can’t show correctly,cut or engrave correctly,we’ve feedback this problem to our engineer they said this is a bug of laserbox about svg,it will be fixed in next version (1.1.8)but it still has a chance to reappear


It also could be the problem of laser power,PVC don’t like wood it melt very quickly so the central area of image can only be cut rather than be engraved


i understand the svg files may cause problems. Instead of adobe which program I should use or which file format can perform better?


i don’t think it is because of the power i only use cutting abilities of the laser to take out the pattern i engraved…so basically i engrave my pattern and i cut out the the frame. for engraving i use 20 percent power and 100 percent speed to cut thee all engraved area i made a rectangular in laserbox software and set 100 percent power and 20 percent speed. maybe it cause a problem because my design is svg. file from adobe illustrator but the rectangular i inserted iwas from laserbox software.


i never cut pvc or any sort of plastic in the machine …i cut only vegetable tanned leather and wood both of them raw without any finishes and paints on them and the masking tape is laser safe paper and waterbased very soft adhasive contains. i follow every introductions while working with this machine.


Yes,it is a confusing question for now.


its okay i can live with that and thanks for your time.


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