Airblock–the Ultrasonic sensor, gyro and temperature reading


I use Android phone to program a code for the aircraft. I use Makeblock 3.0.6 and just upgrade the firmware.

I think about to read the Ultrasonic sensor to build a altitude control program myself. I can not find the block for read the sensor. Could you give me a hint for using Ultrasonic sensor.

I check all of the blocks. I just guess the “read gyro on board (x,y,z) axis value” looks like relates to this, but it is strange to me. Normally, the gyro is read axis with roll, yaw, and pitch, but you shows x ,y, z. Could you tell me the meaning of your x, y, z axis?

Is there any guidance or block explanation in the Makeblock app?

By the way, there is “read temperature” block. I check the manual of the airblock. I don’t think there is a temperature sensor inside the Airblock master controller. What does the temperature for?



Hi Robert1,

There was a read altitude block before (it is the value from the ultrasonic sensor), but the airblock’s altitude always affected by the atmospheric pressure in different environment, the read out value is always not correct, so this block was deleted in makeblock 3.0.6.

For the x,y,z value of the gyro, please refer to the explanation for Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor.

As for read temperature block, the Barometer can read the temperature value.



Thank you for answer my questions.
I have a dream to try PID or Kalman filter to control the altitude of the drone. It looks impossible now. However, I find your “Hovering” block is very steady on the vertical axis of the drone. I am interested in this and would like to see how do you keep altitude. I hope you can open your code source in the future.

I encourage you to use this “Hovering” technique to bring your altitude measurement back on the APP. Hope you can build more accurate method for this. That is good for intermedia education.

About the temperature. What is the temperature for? It is the temperature for the environment or the temp inside the drone? Does your barometer need the temperature?



Hi Robert1,

Thanks for sharing your opinion, I have provided feedback with your request to APP team, they will consider if add it back in next version. Please keep on eye on the updates.
As for the temperature, the barometer on the main control module can read the temperature value in the environment.


As for the newest version of the app, I can’t use gyro sensor to hover the drone. Am I correct?



Hi yoshio81,

Do you mean the Makeblock APP 3.1.4?
There is program block to read the value of gyro sensor. But it should be very difficult to program in Makeblock APP to achieve hover just with the read value of the Gyro sensor. Actually, in Air mode, there is a program block drone hover, it is easier for you to use it.