Airblock Spares


Can spares for Airblock such as extra batteries, propeller blades be purchased? If so where?


Currently, all power modules and batteries are out of stock and Makeblock is on the process of preparing for the materials to produce more power modules and batteries. We will inform you once they are available for purchase. Please kindly wait.


I am wondering if power modules are available to purchase yet?


Airblock spares are available on Makeblock onilne store, please visit this link.


Hi, Airblock power modules are available to purchase on Makeblock online store, please visit this link.


Thanks, unfortunately it looks like I lost the charger (I believe my wife might have accidentally chucked it). Is it possible to buy a spare charger too?


Hi wtoorop,

The battery charger is not available for sell independently on the website, may I know where did you buy the Airblock?
Could you please kindly send the receipt of the Airblock to email address: