Airblock programming library


@tec_support, will the Arduino code for the Airblock be released on Github?


Charles McKnight


Hi Charles,

No, the source code of Airblock won’t be released on Github.


Ok. Will the over the air communication protocol be available? I’d like to do some custom programming for drone behaviour in something other than a tablet or phone application.




Hi Charles,

Currently, there is no plan to release the source code and communication protocol related to the Airblock, we may consider it in the future.

For this requirement, we have provided the feedback and recorded for future assessment.


Your call, but it’s a shame. I can understand if you don’t wish to release the source code of the app, but the over-the-air firmata would be helpful for others who wish to create their own apps.


Hi Charles,

Thanks for your advice which is reasonable. It is also appreciated for your consideration for everyone.
We may consider more when make a decision especially for the Airblock which is just published and under improving.
If there is a way good for all of us, we will definitely choose it, thanks for the understanding.


I agree with Charles and it is especially disappointing that the over-the-air firmata is not release. This is surprising considering Makeblock’s open source policy for their other products. It is interesting to see that there are many other alternatives such as Parrot that have SDKs and encourage their use. Having open source resources encourages creativity in STEM courses.


I must agree with the points about open source and making Airblock more accessible. Moreover, with the current programming and communication protocol I find the Airblock does not always respond the same way to the custom programs I build using the app. I’m curious to know if anyone else experiences the same issues, and what if any might be the issue/remedy. I purchased several with the intent of using them as a teaching platform for K - 12 STEM Introduction to Programming.

Any communication problem that inhibits repeatability detracts from the platform’s usability in the classroom. Open source means those of us with the means and ability to delve into these and other issues exponentially enhances improvement possibilities.

The fractional design of Airblock is ingenious and the fact that it can such abuse are primary reasons I selected it as my teaching platform. However its unpredictable nature and inability to successfully and reliably repeat code commands will prevent it from being used in the classroom. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about the rather minor fluctuations in position and height that can result from flying over a table or shifting air currents caused by HVAC systems turning on and off. I’m talking about running a program that works exactly as expected and the next day returning to the same program only to watch Airblock pin itself to the ceiling for no apparent reason.


That is really a pity. Specially for kids, it would be great to interface the drone with python, etc. and be able to use scratch or c to programe it.


Hi. I began to use my airblock one week ago. I feel the potential of this educative platform but in the same time I share the previous feeking about the non open source code for existing air mode. It’ a pity.