Air quality issue


We just got our Makeblock Laserbox and Smart Smoke Purifier., It works incredibly well but we have one problem that I am trying to figure out how to resolve. As the smart smoke purifier has an exhaust air port (which I didn’t realize when I purchased it) it has to be vented outdoors. The problem is the location where we have this all setup is extremely difficult to gain access to outdoors. So in saying this is there an alternative that I can do? Maybe also purchase the xTool smoke purifier (the standup system on wheels that requires power). I was thinking if I connect that up to the exhaust port of the smart smoke purifier then maybe that would get rid of the smells.

Hope that makes sense and any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated.



I don’t think you can really do anything about that except get an air purifier :smile:. Of course, you could just get a longer hose and run it outdoors, but I don’t think they sell anything that doesn’t run to an outdoor vent.

Thanks for your time,


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