AI- and IoT Blocks are gray


Hi tech_support, Please help.

I want to test the voice recognition in mBot 2.

But the Blocks are grayed:

When I delete the recognize-Block the mBot connects to the LAN.

What can I do?

Many thanks.

By the way: It is not possible to search the Forum for “AI”. It is too short ??

Mblock 5 AI and IOT extensions

Hi phg1,

You need a Makeblock account. Then go from Live to Update, Update to Live and Live to Update … it will work …


Hi phg1, I think our friend @Crackel has answered your question perfectly. About the search problem, I think it’s the limit of this system, see as below:


Hi Crackel, hie tech_support,

Thank you for your answer. It is actually clear and it is also explained in the help for “send user cloud broadcast”. In German there is an ironic saying: “If you do everything right it will work”.

Now it works. Of course, the next question: if the text to be recognised contains a German umlaut, the output is problematic. This is probably due to the character coding. Can this be influenced somehow?



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