Age Analyzer | Makeblock Codey Rocky


It’s one of the most fun project that adults and kids can make easily. :slight_smile:


I love this one too. :slight_smile:


Thank you for share this. However, I tried making it, but I can’t get Codey Rocky to communicate with the Sprite. The Sprite is able to guess your age, but the Codey Rocky does not respond.


I had I seemed more vigilant than my age but 10 years younger, I buy. No kidding, it’s fine.
I downloaded the compressed file and everything is functional.

Just to upload the code in the Codey and click on the green flag


Hi @kman

You need to switch off the “upload mode” after uploading your code into CodeyRocky.

Follow this instruction, it will work. Thanks to @Crackel for this solution:)


Thank you!