After mBlock v5.1.0 upgrade Bluetooth not working anymore



I was using V5.0.0-Bluetooth4.0.exe and mBot was working with USB and Bluetooth connection. For Bluetooth connection I had to replace driver on PC.

Now I upgraded mBlock to V5.1.0.exe and Bluetooth is not working anymore. USB connection works fine.
I am able to connect over Bluetooth, but then a yellow box with text “Update” appears.
But I already updated the firmware over USB several times and nothing changes.

Any help appreciated




I just recognized, that mBlock v5.1.0 is now making the connection over my second BLE dongle with original Windows 10 driver. Over 1st BLE dongle where I have replaced driver with zadig-2.4 Bluetooth is even not connecting anymore.

So I restored orignal Win10 driver also on my 1st BLE dongle, but still same result. Bluetooth is connecting and then writes “Update”.

Now I installed version version V5.0.1.exe and replaced BLE driver with zadig-2.4 tool and Bluetooth is working again.

What USB driver is needed by V5.1.0.exe? Original Win10 USB driver or WinUSB driver?



I have a similar feedback from another customer and now our engineer is checking and trying to fix it. Please give us some time.
Also could you tell me the information of your PC: brand, model number, mother board information, PC built-in Bluetooth adapter information.
Thank you!



I have a Shuttle XPC.

System Information
manufacturer Shuttle Inc.
product SH87R
model FH87
revision 1.0

There is no onboard Bluetooth. I am using 2 USB dongles:

A standard CSR8510A10 based dongle; there are many brands using this chip.

And a ASUS USB-BT400

Both dongles do not work with V5.1.0.exe


Actually you are suggested to use Makeblock official Bluetooth dongle if you use Makeblock main boards.
Makeblock official Bluetooth dongle supports almost every Makeblock robot with Bluetooth.
With third party Bluetooth dongle, I am not sure if that will work. I will forward the information to the engineer.
By the way, what is your main board, mBot or Ranger or?


I am using the mBot.


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Hi wplatzer,
Please try mBlock 5 online version-mLink. Here is the download link:
Once install mLink, please go to

Currently this is our test version, please kindly try and give us feedback, we will try every effort to improve our products.

Thank you and look forward your testing details.