CO2 laser machines have three main advantages:

  • Multipurposeness CO2 laser machines work with a wide range of materials: wood, plywood, MDF, chipboard, acrylic, PET, foam rubber and other plastics and polymers, rubber, paronite, stone and ceramics, mirror and glass, cardboard, paper and various fabrics, fur and leather.

  • Working speed depends on the density, type and thickness of the material. Very thin and light materials, such as fabrics, the CO2 laser machine will cut at a speed of up to 150 mm/s. The engraving speed of the CNC laser machine reaches 500 mm/s.

  • Performance quality A special program which controls the main process reduces the risk of reject. At the same time, the positioning accuracy of the CNC laser machine reaches 0.03 mm, and the laser beam diameter is so small that it allows you to cut patterns of any complexity. The edge after cutting with CO2 laser machine is always smooth, and in respect to engraving process you can choose the exposure rate to adjust the contrast of the image.

The operating skills of a CO2 laser machine are quite easy to master, it does not require complex maintenance, additional consumables or replaceable tools.
Another advantage is that theCO2 laser machine is quite silent and dust-free — this makes working with it more pleasant compared to other types of material cutting equipment.

If you want to cover the widest range of tasks, choose a medium format machine with a working area of 900600 mm or 1200900 mm, for example the Wattsan 6090 or the Wattsan 1290, respectively.


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