Compact and miniature home laser machines can’t boast a large working field or high speeds, but that doesn’t make them completely useless. There are a lot of applications and things which make more sense to make on equipment with exactly these performance characteristics:

felt crafts - from this dense material laser cut appliques, decorative items for holidays (hearts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas decorations, etc.), toys for mobiles over cribs, coasters for hot dishes and many other charming things. Laser beam accurately and in detail cuts out the tiniest curls or sharp corners, so even complexly contoured items are of high quality;

paper and cardboard crafts - this includes cards, invitations for weddings and other celebrations, business cards, Christmas and thematic decorations, stencils for further interior decorations and a very large list. The power of laser emitter in table-top devices is small, so even the thinnest tissue paper looks aesthetically beautiful after laser cutting, without charred edges;

cloth, leather and leatherette products - these can be both applique, and independent items, or perforated decor (laser burns holes in the material, from which the pattern is formed).
Seals, stamps, clichés - the positioning accuracy of the laser beam, even if we are talking about desktop devices, is about 0.01 mm, so all the images it reproduces with perfect detail. This allows the machine to be used for the production of any seals, except for GOST seals;

working with plywood is such an extensive segment of products that it would be difficult to list them all. Here are just a few options: prefabricated constructors, puzzles, coasters for jewelry, signs, cutting boards, various figurines, and more;

Acrylic crafts - transparent, as a tear, the material is perfect for various interior compositions, figures, which look especially spectacular with lighting, jewelry storage boxes, stands for cosmetics, etc.

Engraving - if before we were talking mostly about laser cutting of materials, this point implies the use of a laser tube at half power, so the surface is not cut through, and covered with a pattern. Engraving can be done on mirrors, glassware, stationery, wood and leather goods.
Example of work on a home laser machine

Laser engraving perfectly conveys contouring and depth of images and is considered the most durable.

The most important thing is ventilation. You must have a good smoke removal system, otherwise you can’t avoid complaints from neighbors.


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