Additional Code Blocks for mBlock5


Hello! I am trying to help one of my students work through a technology project using the Ultimate 2.0 and mBlock 5. The software only seems to have 10 “code blocks” available to us but many of the tutorials and manuals we’ve read have many more. Was hoping someone could give us guidance how how to expand what we’re able to make the robot do via mBlock 5? Thank you!


after you connected your Ultimate 2.0 to your PC,you can add Extension blocks for your robot,I added “MelnterCMT” and “MakerPlatform” for you reference.



Thank you for the help! We had discovered the “Add Extension” capability but what we’re struggling to figure out is how to create our own blocks? For example, if the student wants to program the claw to do something, how would we go about that? Thank you again!


you can check on this link to create your own block,this link has detail instructions,hope this will be helpful for you and your students.


Many thanks! I sincerely appreciate the help!


you are welcome,stay safe and have a happy life.