Adding seal around laserbox door



I noticed while using my laserbox there is a slight amount of smell that comes out directly from the machine. Would it be okay to put an extra seal around the door of the laserbox to prevent further smells from seeping out or would this cause problems with the air flow the laserbox?


Hello, officially we don’t suggest our users to add extra seal on the lid


Thank you for the response.

Is there a different recommended way to vent the small amount of particles that leak out directly from the laserbox? I ask this because I would like to be able to cut acrylic pretty often, but the machine is in an enclosed basement and although I vent with the filter to the outside, if I’m around the machine all the time when it cuts acrylic, over time all the small amount of particles that leak out of the machine will become unhealthy for me.


I fully understand the smell you refer, I too was thinking of an extra seal then the machine probably could not have good airflow. Extra sucking fan over the outlet, powered externally was another thought and also I do have a fan blowing air across the outside of the machine towards an open window in the home office. (Mainly for the Acrylic cutting)

This seems to work okay.


Actually we can understand this kind of need. However, after confirmation with our R&D, adding some seal around the Laserbox door will not help cause beside the door, Laserbox has more inlet and outlet holes around the machine just to keep enough amount of air coming into it as the purifier is sucking a heavy amount out of the machine. Therefore, if you want to cut or engrave acrylic very often, our suggestion is to keep the Laserbox alone in a sealed space, and better with an extra fan connected to outdoors so that the air can be sucked out of the space efficiently. On this point, we agree with Snipah’s suggestion :+1:


Thank you both for the advice. Unfortunately our laserbox is in a basement room with windows that swing out so it is hard to add a fan that will blow the air out easily.

Could I instead add an additional fan on the exhaust of either the laserbox itself or the purifier in order to have as much air sucked out of the laserbox as possible?

Also on a seperate note, is it possible to have the attached purifier stay on for longer after the laserbox is finished. It think it only stays on for an additional 5-10 seconds after the cutting job is finished but there still seems to be a bit of residual smoke left in the machine after that time. It would be great if the purifier could pull out the air for longer (or have that be an option we can control).

Thank you.



I chose not to buy the filter/purifier and instead have 2 fans connected to the outlet, inline, one connected a few feet from the Laserbox and the other outside to assist in carrying away. This is very effective at removing smoke and fumes without the restriction of the filter. That being said though I am not in a basement so do have the exhaust running straight outside. (Carbon Filter outside only). If you can run the exhaust out of the windows you do have, that might be useful. I have the exhaust fans running all the time the Laserbox is on so it quickly removes the fumes/smoke when the job is finished.


Hi crimsontythe
You can hit CTRL-F1 in Laserbox software to get a hidden control window with a lot of useful features.

Use it at your own risk.
Regards, Gregor


I think both users had offered you very useful advices:grin::+1: Just be noted that with the fan instead of the purifier, the smoke will be delivered outside directly without any purification. And at the moment, we cannot set the duration time of the purifier, only in the debug page like @eigermaker just showed


I use the Laserbox software on Mac, how do I access the debug page as control or command and F1 does not work.


Press Command+F1, or Command+Fn+F1


I recently set up the Laserbox in my home office but because this room is inside other rooms it has no windows just a big sky light that’s 5 meters up, after testing it was evident that I needed to vent outside, only problem was that I needed 18 meters if tubing to do this and that was going to reduce the venting considerably. My solution was to add an in-line fan at 10 meters, the fan can move 120 cubic meters of air an hour, next I programmed 2 wireless plugs and connected the fan to 1 and the Laserbox to the other, they are both on the same Chanel.

If I switch off the Laserbox at the plug socket this also switches off the fan and visa versa so no chance of forgetting to switch the fan on, If I switch off the Laserbox at the back of the machine the fan stays on and constantly keeps a depression inside the machine.

It works great and no smells or escaping fumes after the laser box fan stops, at the end of the day I can switch off at the plug and everything stops.

Hope this helps.


Yes this was what I wanted to confirm: can I add an inline fan to the venting while still having the purifier connected. This means I can keep running the fan after the purifier has stopped and pass more of the air outside. The extra fan is indeed able to pull air from the machine through the purifier and push it outside even if the purifier fan is turned off?

Thanks for the info.


what fan did you use and can you send a pic where you put it? ty