Add a new device based on ESP8266


I am trying to add a new device based on ESP8266 chip. The MBlock sees the device correctly and makes a connection. But there is a problem with the correct compiling and uploading. The default Arduino setup does not have the ESP board, so they should be installed as new boards. Also, I’ve checked that the fresh Arduino CLI works well with ESP. It looks like Halocode is ESP based and the MBlock works with that, right?

What should I set into:
Connection settings -> Upload settings -> Middleware settings:
Name ?
Extra parameters ?
Custom code ?

And here:
Connection settings -> Upload settings -> Upload driver settings:
Name ?
Extra parameters ?
Custom code ?

I’ve already tried various combinations with such parameters, like arduino, ESP32, ESP8266, esptool but no luck.

Also, I’ve tried the solution from here:

no luck as well… The import is not allowed… And no info about the Meoser class.

Any working .mext that works with ESP?


I can message you the source for some of the ESP devices in mBlock so that you can open them in extension builder and see them if you want.


yes, please, that should be helpfull!


Which ones do you want? I will start with ESP32.


@Best_codes Do you have something related to Node MCU 1.0 - ESP8266 ?


I’ll look around. You can look through devices too and tell me if there’s one you want.


Actually, I’ve tried all three devices related to ESP from the finder bar:

no one is able to upload the code to the ESP8266 board.


I can give you the source for any of those.


No one is working with Node MCU 1.0 (ESP8266) board. @Best_codes do you have any working solutions for ESP8266?


I have an ESP8266, so I will work on it later. Sorry, I have been really busy.


dear Best_codes
i want learn esp32 device
can you send me your esp32 device source codes
thanks alot


I will as soon as I can. I am really busy. You can look at the ESP32 device on mBlock if you want.


The device esp32 on Mblock5
,can’t work,it appears there don not have middleware


Do you have a way to do it in Arduino?


Arduino uno , nano,mega2560…,can upload code with mblock5,
But esp32,esp8266 can’t
So i need your help
Just mail me your esp32 source code.
Let me learn how to set the middleware
It will not take you much time.
Send me the esp32.mext just take some seconds.
Thanks alot


Sorry, mBlock doesn’t develop devices for ESP32. That would be 3rd party, meaning other people made it, meaning that I can’t give you an official makeblock one. Since you say that the one on mBlock doesn’t work, maybe you can contact mBlock about it at



Thanks,they won’t say the secret.
Maybe nobody can solve this problem,except mblock official


I will do some research, but give me a while.




@kidkid I haven’t found much. I would just reach out to mBlock about it. I’ll tell them too.