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Modern CNC machines help to increase the speed of production and improve the quality of work.


A milling and engraving machine is a complex for machining workpieces with a milling cutter, which makes it possible to process various parts. With the help of numerical control, the route can be automatically set and controlled by a microcontroller. The milling process is fully automated, which increases the quality of machining and the speed of the process.

The purchase of a CNC machine provides a reliable complex with the possibility of expanding the functionality through additional equipment. Thanks to modern programming capabilities, CNC machine operation is much easier for the operator: it is enough to load the program into the control unit to get the finished part.

CNC machines have their own purpose and area of application.

Milling and engraving machine with numerical program control is a high-performance equipment designed to perform a wide range of production tasks:

  • furniture production;

  • advertising and printing;

  • mechanical engineering;

  • architecture and design;

  • instrumentation and electronics;

  • jewelry;

  • souvenir production.

Computer-controlled milling is used to produce a wide range of blanks and complete products from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, stone, plexiglass, MDF, plastic, acrylic, and particleboard.

Milling machines for woodworking

A CNC woodworking machine is a specialized equipment for working with wood: sawing, drilling holes, sanding surfaces, as well as for applying patterns, designs and inscriptions.

It allows you to perform such types of work as

  • manufacturing of volumetric details and figures

  • production of individual elements of furniture and wooden structures

  • production of decorative panels and inserts;

  • cutting, cutting and processing of plywood and wood sheet ends.

CNC machines for woodworking can be divided into several types, depending on their technical characteristics.

Household milling machines are compact, lightweight benchtop machines with low motor power. They are relatively inexpensive and are used for custom orders and are also suitable for beginner milling machines to gain experience.

Industrial milling machines are designed for fast woodworking and cutting large materials. They have a large working area, powerful motor, spindles and guides. Industrial CNC machines are designed for long periods of automatic operation in a batch production environment.

Industrial 3D milling machines have a high degree of automation of working processes. Many companies producing natural wood furniture use them for complex carvings and three-dimensional decorative elements.

CNC machines for woodworking can have a vertical or horizontal work table, as well as be universal, which allows you to change the position of the table.

Vertical machines can accurately machine inclined surfaces and large-sized parts. In cases where vertical machines have limitations, horizontal machines are used.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of specialized and universal machines of various modifications. The use of this equipment in production processes is due to its versatility and efficiency.

CNC machines are essential equipment not only for large industrial enterprises, but also for small and medium-sized businesses. Modern milling and engraving machines are characterized by high productivity and ease of changeover, which allows to manufacture serial and individual products without increasing production costs, thereby improving the competitiveness of products.


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