About the audio specification of codey rocky


Is the sound from codey rocky (hereinafter referred to as codey) preset to codey from the beginning?
“sound” is the audio used in this block.


Hi, yes, the sound is preset to codey from the begining.


Does that mean you can’t play a sound that isn’t preset from codey?


Hi, you can make the Codey say whatever words you like,eg: hi, morning, good, but you can’t change the tone.


Hi tech_support,

I believe the question was more: pronounce words not intended by MakeBlock.

Example: Banana, Truck, Santa Claus …
Sinon : A bit like in Sprite and sounds


I want to update my audio file to codey and play it. Is it technically impossible?


Sorry, you can not upload your own audio file to Codey Rocky


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