About novapi


From the mblock documentation, it appears that there is a motherboard called novapi . I have a few questions about this novapi.

  1. What is this novapi?
  2. is there a relationship with raspberrypi?
  3. Can I buy novapi in Japan?
  4. How much is novapi?


I have found some info on NoviPi here http://docs.makeblock.com/diy-platform/en/electronic-modules/main-control-boards/novapi.html

It is Makeblocks competition board. It has much higher performance but very little docs


Yes @dai5_jp
NovaPi is the new generation of main control board used in the MakeX Robotics Competition.
You can check the details from the link which shared by OutoftheBOTS.
About novapi purchase, may I know how much you need?


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