A problem occured when uploading a program in esp 32


a problem occured when uploading a program in esp 32 using Mblock 5.2


Hi regaiegslim,

I have the same problem with my ESP Espressif. However, it is not a device supported by Makeblock. We would have to find a way to communicate with the developer: Lizhihomepicture.

I’m afraid we have to wait until another ESP32 is made by another developer.


good topic. I’ve been waiting for a long time. when will you solve it. this is my project but there is no support. I am waiting.for arduino


Hi mesut,

I do not work for Makeblock and thought regaiegslim wanted to use the ESP32 device.

I only explained that Makeblock offers a development interface for the hardware but that it supports the development interface and not the development of the hardware.

In conclusion: The Arduino code seems to work well since some devices use it correctly.
The upload works very well.

If I understand correctly: it is because Makeblock has not yet answered your problems concerning your device: ESP8266 ???

Unfortunately, I would have liked to look at your problem but I don’t have an Arduino ESP8266 module


Hello my dear friend.
I wanted to use and program esp8266 as the target arduino extension.

I have different thoughts. There are too many restrictions mblock.
mblock esp8266 (esp32) must be supported.(arduino uno)


I’m sorry if my english
I wanted to explain briefly with a picture.

my work.
esp8266 (nodemcu) firebase, work. no library support.


dear friend. (arduino)
When the NodeMCU CH340 Development Board comes to an update for mblock 5 programming.

Is there research?


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