7-segment display and arduino uno declaration/definition


Hi roboteams…

I want to connect the 7-segment serial display(SKU:13402) to an Arduino uno board. The http://learn.makeblock.com/me-7-segment-display/ page shows how to wire it, but there is no sample about how to declare or define the display in an arduino program using an Arduino uno board.

According to the sample program, it shows Me7SegmentDisplay disp(PORT_6), but it is when using a Makeblock Orion board. What about when connecting the display to an Arduino UNO board?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Kike,

Since we don’t sell the Arduino uno board, the example arduino programs won’t be written base on the arduino uno board.
While the Makeblock Orion board is base on the Arduino uno, you still can refer to the example program for Orion and the Me 7 segment -display. If you can figure out the pins for each RJ25 port on Me Orion board corresponding to which pins on arduino uno, you can use the same example program if connected the segment-display to correct pins on arduino uno.
Here is the info and schematic of Orion board to you for reference, hope you can figure it out.


Thanks Support.

I found a solution, using the #include TM1637Display.h library. According to your wiki, it says the display is based on TM1637.