57byg step motor


Hi there, I have four 57byg steper motor connected to mechanuum wheel and I use Me Stepper Driver to run them. The phase current of stepper motor is 2.8 amper, but me stepper driver provides max 1.35A. I want to know that phase current means min 2.8A needed to run the motor or it is the max Amperage. Me stepper drivers run the motors but when a little force applied to hold the wheel the motor stops. How can I solve this problem? By the way, I use Me Auriga as a controller?


How did you power on the main board?
A little force means press the mechanuum base?


I use power adapter that provides 12V 3A.
A little force means that when you want to hold the wheel with your hand the motor easily stops but I know that these motors have more torque, therefore, It shouldn’t stop.


Maybe you can find this driver:

The stepper motor driver with 1.35A is for 42bgy stepper motor.


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