3D printer is not working


I have both a MakeBlock 3D printer and a hp printer. My MakeBlock 3D printer was connected with my system previously, so I decided to connect my hp printer with my router. At the time of connecting, it wanted a WPS pin. I somehow found the WPS pin on hp printer and connected it. But after that, my MakeBlock 3D printer is not working anymore. What should I do now?


Hello, please send us a photo of your Makeblock 3D printer, or send us a video, so that we can have a check.


I am a 3D printer user of Ricoh and using it for a much time longer it is also wireless printer, I would like to share some tips and tricks on your issue Fix Ricoh Printer is Offline because recently I got the same issue with my printer I was also stuck in that and got this link from the Ricoh. I followed the steps then the error has been fixed. I would recommend you follow the steps it may help you.


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