3d printer ideas


Hi all!
I am new here so please be humble…I have no 3D experience but am looking at this as a hobby. My initial instinct is to get something inexpensive like a Creality Ender3 and an easy-to-use printer to start learning with just to get started.
There are many options on the internet like this website, so I am confused.


I recommend a Creality CR-10 v3 printer. They work great, are user-friendly, and are not too pricey on Amazon.

For software:
I recommend Blender (blender.org) for deigning, and Cura (ultimaker.com) for slicing and uploading designs to your printer.

Thanks for your time,


Hi fredm2,

I was in exactly the same situation (Zero experience). So I bought a Creality Ender 3 V2 and started my impressions. The quality is very good. First day, I missed some early printing because it stuck very badly. Second day with a good temperature, I hardly miss anything.

First advice is to print a low friction reel unwinder for 2$ and there is nothing stopping me (Site.
I now have hundreds of hours of prints and my printer works even at night.

Otherwise, you get used to it quickly and it’s not too messy.


mBlock also sells a 3D printer, but it is a bit pricey. It has some great features, though.

Thanks for your time,


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