2 Me DHT11 sensors into a single port on mBot


Hi everyone.
I have an idea for a personal project with many sensors and only 4 doors.
I know the Me DHT11 sensor uses 3 pins, two for power and only 1 pin for data. The RJ25 port, on the other hand, has instead 2 data pins (and 1 i2c channel) available.
I thought that it would be possible - through a Me RJ25 Adapter and some soldering/crimping between 2 cables - to connect 2 Me DHT11 sensors in the same port (and advantageously free one port) by connecting respectively the 2 pairs of VCC and GND pins of the sensors to the power supply of the door, and using the 2 data pins of the sensors with the two data pins available in the port.
The logic seems fitting to me but I ask for confirmation from the more experienced participants (especially the Makeblock technical staff).
Then I will have to understand how to recover the data of the second sensor within mBlock (from Arduino I think it is easier).


Hi aeropoli,

I am not an expert user but I had the same thought (There is not enough PORT on the mBot). The Me RJ25 adapter is perfect for doubling the number of sensors without soldering. With a Me RJ25 adapter, you can put 2 sensors such as an LEDS STRIP, an LEDS, a Touch button, a HALL sensor, servo motor, etc. Me, I use the Me RJ25 to put inexpensive Arduino sensors.

For your need, maybe it’s more with this extension


Hi there:

Thank you for your advice,we’ll take it into consideration.

Best Regard


Thank you for your answer.
Yes, that was the idea. However, there is the problem of solving the extraction of both temperature and humidity values ​​that the 2 sensors provide, and this will complicate my problem.
But isn’t problem solving the beauty of coding?


Thanks for your interest, your support will be essential.