What is mega pi pro?


Is the upgrade version of ’ mega pi ’ that ’ mega pi pro '?
I really wonder what kind of product mega pi is.When will this product be released, and when will the relevant materials be released?


What's the difference between the Firmware_for_MegaPiPro.ino and Firmware_for_MegaPi.ino?
Are sketches for the individual Ultimate Robotics Kit 2.0 projects available?

For your second question, do you want to know what kind of product MegaPi is or MegaPi Pro is?
The MegaPi Pro is the upgrade version of MegaPi, and it could support 6 smart servos at most. In fact, MegaPi Pro is designed for MakeX, the high level robotic competition in China. Currently, MegaPi Pro and its relevant mechanical and electronic parts can be only purchased on Makeblock’s Taobao shop.


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