Xtool d1 problems


We’ve been trying to use this machine for over two weeks. We’ve noticed that sometimes it starts skipping, jumping and the image starts getting off. We have to adjust all the speeds and power. Tired of wasting material. What are we doing wrong? It does not do it all the time.



Thank you for contacting us!
According to your description, if the engraved picture is offset, you can send us the picture of your work to locate the problem. Please also attach your PC firmware version information. ( Our after-sales team: support@xtool.com )



We also just got this machine (5w) and are experiencing the same problem. It gets part way into a bidirectional raster scan, then starts stuttering, with the imaging shifting slightly to the right each time. This occurs in a repeatable manner. It starts at the same time on the image, although the start position changes if you change the speed, appearing earlier at higher speeds. We contacted support, with a copy of the file and pictures of the result, and are awaiting a response. Did you ever get any resolution to the problem?


Have you tried xTool support?


This happens when one of or both of your Y axis belt tensioners hasn’t been locked properly after tightening the belt, the belt slowly gets pulled loose over time which is why it worked fine but then shortly after had issues.