Xtool D1 Crosshair not working


I turned on my Xtool today and the crosshair comes on for just a quick second and then turns off or it might flash and then turns off. I have checked all of the wires, unplugged and replugged. Anyone else have this problem?

Xtool D1



I’m having the same problem? Crosshair not working?


I believe what I found was in Laserbox basic, there is an option for the cross hair or laser point. I hope this helps, if not let me know and I will get you more information.


Thanks, I found it in device setting in Laserbox.


Where do I find ‘device setting’ in ‘laserbox’? I too have crosshair turned off or disabled and would like to go back to a crosshair. When I do framing all I see is a blue light. Thank you for your response.


Have you tried the xtTool support page?