Xtool D1 10W not working


Hey all,

I’m having issues with my newly installed laser cutter.
It seems like the y axis engine only functions going in one direction but gets “stuck” going the other way.

after checking every troubleshoot online and re assembling my machine with the extender I got the same
results. The machine has not run any projects yet.

I disconnected everything and just ran the engine on its own and it as I thought it moves only in one direction
and not the other (it does sounds like it is trying)
I’m waiting for support to help me but so far no luck.

Is this something anyone else had?
Anyone have any idea what it could be or other things I should / could try?



Mention @makeblock.lindingxin, @makeblock123, etc.
Try the xTool support page:
And try contacting makeblock or xTool:

Thanks for your time,