Xtool D1 10w not firing


I got an Xtool D1 10w 2 months ago and have not used it that much. This morning I went to use it and it does not fire.

You get a pale light emitted but not the laser.

I have updated firmware, rest all connections, as card, buttons power cycles.

Has anyone had this problem. I don’t think my laser should have went bad after 2 months of light use.


Hi, my Xtools D1 is only 3 days old and I am having the same issue. Did you ever find an answer?




Thank you for your inquiry.
There may be an abnormality in the laser line or the motherboard line.
Please refer to the follwing link to troubleshoot.
If the problem still exists after checking, please send a video to our after-sales team.( support@xtool.com)

Best Regards,