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Do you know the literal meaning of ‘VEDA’? Many of you are aware of the word ‘Veda’. According to the earliest literary documents found in India there are four Vedas forming the earliest body of Indian scripture, consisting of the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda. I am sure many of you already know this fact but have you explored the meaning of the word? VEDA is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Knowledge’.

In MeVero we have made a Friendly Bot named VEDA, she won’t give knowledge about the external world which you already know, rather she would help you to know about yourself. Each and Every one of us are born to do something and that is our Passion. Some of us are lucky enough to know our passion and others aren’t. For those who doesn’t know their Passion VEDA would help them to look at their soul, she would find the meaning of your life. Who knows you might have spent whole life thinking you are a singer but in reality you were meant to be an actor? Life is totally incomplete without knowing our true passion. That is why we created VEDA, she would help you to identify your passion.

Now how to use MeVero? Follow these simple steps.

Download the APP/Check Our Website. Available at Google Play store and Apple App store.

REGISTER yourself. A verification email will be sent to you to the email you registered with, click the link.

LOGIN. Using your email ID and password.

CHAT with VEDA. Click on the icon to chat with her. She will ask you a few questions about your liking and identify your trait.

IDENTIFY your PASSION. Keep chatting with VEDA to identify your passion. She would ask your hobbies and other activities, feel free to share your thoughts with her. Once your passion is found, confirm it if you are not sure you can restart the LIFE COACH.

SET GOALS. After you have found your passion, VEDA will ask you your goals. Write your goals and tell them to VEDA. She would help you to achieve your goals related to your passion.

CREATE ACTIVITY. After you have set your Goals. Create activities of your Goals. Upload pictures, videos, audios etc. anything you have created to your activity.

Collaborate. You can add co-creators to your activity and collaborate. Doing this your co-creators would be able to upload files to your activities.

If your Cloud space gets exhausted, you can always purchase more space. Not to worry about it and if you have some problems feel free to write in our help desk email ID. We would get back to you soon.