Windows can connect Mbot bluetooth but Mblock 5.2 cant connect


Hi. My laptop can detect and connect my Mbot over bluetooth but Mblock 5.2 cant find. I update mbot firmware over usb to factory firmware or online firmware but it doesnt help. Please help me. I bought a bluetooth 4.0 laptop for using mbot and now cant use it.

Windows 10 has last update version ( May 2020- no:2004)

This is my Mbot:


Hi RoboKanuni,

Normally, we suggest that use our official developed Bluetooth dongle to ensure fully compatible and connection stability.
Anyway, you can refer to this link and see if it helps.


I have exactly the same problem, exactly the same status as RoboKanuni, but with one interesting detail. I have five exactly the same laptops. Two connect, three do not connect. Same Windows version, same bluetooth, or more broadly speaking, same software and same hardware.

This doesn’t appear like hardware incompatibility.

Is there a log file, or something that we can provide so that it helps you get more insight of why is this hapenning.


I realized that mbot is just a shitty product. It is around $100 in my country and never worth a single $. I cant use it with bluetooth and they say me to buy a bluetooth dongle too. If so you have to insert bluetooth dongle in same box with mbot kit. I have to buy a 20$ bluetooh module to use my mbot and there is not any warning on mbot box about this. I think this is same thing with thiefing. And I bought a laptop with bluetooth 4.0 to use this shitty crap. It cost me around 500$ and cant use it still. If I buy a mbot bluetooth dongle it is not guaranteed using it properly too.

I will never buy any thing from this company and never recommend anyone to buy.
This was totally a very big disappointment for me and my child. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAKEBLOCK.