Why not buy a laser machine from Aliexpress?


There are all kinds of machines on Aliexpress, but with shipping and customs, good ones won’t cost any cheaper.
But, you can buy a cheap CNC machine tool if you just want to “play”. For the first time - why not.
But if you need the machine for production, it’s better to buy from a big, trusted company that will provide delivery and warranty on the machine.
If you are not confused by the site, and that the product is Chinese, then do not worry. China has changed and it already has divisions into:
“Factory China” - good quality goods, the same Iphone is assembled in China.
“Basement China” - goods with the brand name Noname, the quality of which depends only on chance.

How do you calculate the life of a handset when in use?
The factory tubes have a declared lifetime in hours: for example, Reci - 1000 hours, Lasea - 6000 hours.
In order to keep the tube longer (2 years on average) you need to operate it at up to 80% power.
Two simple rules to increase tube life: don’t strain the tube and keep it well cooled.
Also, train your operator on how to operate the machine.


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mBlock’s xTool or Laserbox works fine, probably better than any of “Virmer” machines.


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