Why not a 2-wheeled self-balancing kit


Hi !

I think it will be possible to constructa 2-wheeled self-balancing kit.
Only accelerometer and software are missing ?
So, it would be great to have accelerometer as electronic module.
Some topics are there on the Internet (see http://www.instructables.com/id/Guide-to-gyro-and-accelerometer-with-Arduino-inclu/).

What do you think about it?



Yeah, That’s cool! The good news is our engineering team are working on this project, I will update our schedule on the forum. Until now, we are focus on the software based on MPU 6050.

Makeblock Team


It’s funny you suggest this, as I have been planning the exact same project based on the starter kit myself!

How about a combined IMU module of some sort, so that a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a magnetometer all are connected to the base shield with a single cable? As a possible extension, a software library could be added to combine these sensors in order to get accurate measurements of relative position, velocity and acceleration (both angular and transversal).

Edit: The link ThinkBlock posted is exactly what I just tried to describe above.

That would be fantastic for any advanced motion control applications. :smile:


Great idea!


For precise control you will also need the new DC-motors with built in quardrature encoders


Yeah, I’m agree with you about this point. We need to improve our encoder motor. The reduction ratio of the existing version is 1:75 which can not meet the decision of self-balancing. I find two motors whose reduction ratio is 1:217. I’m trying on it.


Hi that’s cool , I’m working on same project also , is there any update about the motors that meet the reduction rate with encoders added ?


We are still working on the program and driver. But it’s almost finished. :smile:


There is a similar project for a balancing robot.

I found that, while searching for a balancing bot.
It sounds quite interesting. I just ordered a Gyro for that reason.

What else do i need?
Different motors? With other gear?



Thanks, the balanduino looks very cool! If you have one, you also need two encoder motors and two wheels…

Arduino + Gyro sensor + encoder motor driver+ 2 encoder motors +structure

It seems that the balanduino combine Arduino, MPU6050 and motor driver together



I don’t have a balanduino .
I would try to make my own with Makeblock-parts.
This should be possible, shouldn’t it?


Yeah, it could work. All you need is a Baseboard, a 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor

The program is similar with balanduino. Kalman filtering->(Angle)->PID->(PWM)->DC motor.


That’s cool. :smiley:
Yesterday my MPU6050 6DOF Sensor Modules arrived.
Let’s start! :slight_smile:


So what would a complete kit look like for this project? Makeblock, can you put together a kit? Please? I really want to build this self balancing robot!!


Hey, where is the kit already? This post is from 2013!



Hi Danjger,

I seem to be the only one who noticed how cool this is and such an achievement. I guess you did not use the stock IMU functions, since they are realy limited (at least, last time I looked ;)).
Are there some details available on your build, e.g. some pictures to see the length of the beams used and where the controller, battery and sensors are located? Is it basically the starter kit + IMU?
And is the source available ?

There is a science day next month in Belgium and this would make a great eye catcher for both kids and their parents.



I did not make this project but I ordered the gyro to do it with my mBot. The creator is one of the Makeblock team. You can email peter@makeblock.cc to get more details on how they did it. I suspect I’ll need different motor controllers and motors but I’ll give it a shot with the regular motors. I also have an Orion board if the mCore isn’t good enough.