Why is better to choose Wattsan?


Firstly, the company has established itself on the market around the world – as the best and has been around for about 19 years.

Foremost, our customers are from the USA, China, and Europe, because we are fundamentally good.
If you think about buying equipment, our machines are able to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without interruptions or unforeseen delays.
It is worth taking note that you will choose a brand that is already used by every second worker in the laser industry.

Elements of European brands. Wattsan machines employ merely components of proven brands: Siemens, IPG, Mitsubishi, Shimpo, Raytools and HIWIN. These parts are characterized by a margin of safety.

the SPO Concept. Wattsan adheres to the SPO idea: safeless – safe, protection – protection and opportunity – opportunity.

Wattsan is the choice of big diligence. Such as WALT, the world’s greatest fretsaw perplex maker, uses WATTSAN machines exactly owing to the improvements that allow it to cut matter without a ringtail and put the result into further production cycles without post-processing. The task of the company is to make their clients businesses successful.

The special framework and higher width of the housing.The frame design makes Wattsan machines unique in the Russian laser machine market. By virtue of the frame, the machine lasts several times longer than similar machines.

Increases machine accuracy, eliminates vibration and increases endurance, speed of movement, and inertia.

Three-step stepper motors

We specifically replaced the 2-phase by 3-phase stepper motors, in order to decrease the pitch relative to counterparts, and as a consequence of higher quality, foremost of all engraving, as well as improved smoothness of movement, which is especially visible when cutting acrylic and thick plywood. In simple words, three-step motors enhance the quality of engraving, as a result of the extra smoothness of movement, which in turn increases the reliability of the equipment many times over.

  • high-quality equipment, fully compliant with modern production standards;
  • assistance of managers in machine selection;
  • raining of personnel;
  • warranty on any of our products;
  • assistance in establishing the unit;
  • post-warranty service.

We continuously improve the technology applied at Wattsan and incorporate the improvement toward our latest models. We give our clients the possibility to upgrade their machines in order to keep up with technological progress. Thus, you don’t have to purchase new machines from us. We upgrade yours, so they stay at the technological forefront.


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