Which machine is suitable for starting a business at home?


Small-sized laser machines are of interest to an extensive consumer segment, so most manufacturers produce at least several models for desktop use.

One of such companies was the Chinese brand Wattsan, whose products demonstrate excellent quality, attract with a price and are optimal for small businesses among all the offers found on the Russian market. Wattsan mini-machines are suitable both for cutting non-metallic materials and for engraving them, and the performance characteristics of the devices allow producing high-quality products in small and medium volumes.


Hello, @AdeaBaku, there are some other excellent laser cutters like mBlock’s sponsored xTool.
This is a link to all of their xTool machines:


I looked at the page. it’s interesting.
Where did these machines come from? Who’s the manufacturer?

I’m confident in this co2 laser machine, because I trust the manufacturer and they have very good parts.


Makeblock Co., Ltd.

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Why is the metal laser cutting machine better than other cutting machines?

There are a lot of different ways to cut material; rotary knife, vibrating knife, punch presses, shears, water-jet, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), plasma, oxy-acetyline, dedicated presses for long run manufacture as well as laser.

Laser has some advantages in specific materials, but is no substitute for everything. Plasma is now the go-to cutter for small machine shops because of it’s versatility. Water-jet is no.1 choice for difficult and abrasive materials that are cheap to make. EDM is probably the most accurate and is able to cut materials that are impossible for other technologies. It is capable of cutting super accurate blind holes of any shape. Clothing people don’t want a laser cutter when a vibrating knife is capable of cutting multiple layers of flammable material. So laser-cutting isn’t the best cutting system. Just one of many tools in modern industry that does specific jobs cheaply, accurately and quickly.