Where are the instructions?


I’m frustrated- I think I’ve clicked every link on every page on the makeblock website, and they all seem to be dedicated to marketing.

And they worked- I bought something.

But how do I make it work?

Every link that sounds like it should have some sort of actual information turns out to just be marketing, no real information about how to make the thing actually work.

There is a ‘HELP’ link at the bottom of most pages, but it’s broken. Ironic, and maddening too.

Am I to understand their customers provide support and instruction in the form of this community?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.


Hi gerp124,

Sorry to hear that!
Which robot you have and what’s the problem? Actually, there is a learn website where lists the instructions for all the products.
Normally, the learn website is listed on the user manual for the product, you may check it.
Or you can go to learn website through official website by clicking on Apps-> Home.

As for the issue that the ‘HELP’ link doesn’t work, we will check and fix it, great thanks for your feedback!


Which product do you have?