What is the principle of laser engraving?


Today laser engraving on metal, wood, glass, plastic, etc. is very popular. Different tools are used for engraving, one of the most popular is a cnc laser machine.

During engraving, the laser thermally acts on the surface of the material. Such application of forms, graphic images or drawings on materials is called laser engraving.

During this process, the material is processed gradually. Material is removed line by line, the laser moves horizontally along individual engraving lines. Using this method, you can process photographs, drawings, logos, notches, stamps, apply small and bold labels, etc.

What do you use for engraving?


Thanks for useful information.
I work on this laser cnc. I have a question… I set a minimum power of 8 W for very fine cutting on fabrics. But I need even less power. What do you think? Is it possible to lower the power to 4W if the minimum ignition speed of the machine is 10% of 80 watts?


I don’t generally engrave things, but I do 3D print a LOT. Where did you get your laser engraver?