What happened to the Design / Play tabs?


In the last version of Makeblock App, every program had two modes: Design and Play. In Play mode, you could use all of the UI elements to control the robot. IN Design mode, you could open each element and modify the code behind it.

This was great! When you modified a prexisting program, like Follow Spot robot or 6 Leg walker, Makeblock App automatically saved that in “My Projects.”

It looks like all of that functionality has been removed in the latest version (iOS 3.0.6). Is this intentional?



Hi andrew,

Yes, it was removed for consistent.
Is the function that able to modify a prexisting program and save it as a new project very important for you?


Yes, absolutely. This functionality is CRUCIAL for people using Makeblock as a window into programming. Without that function, you’ve lost the central pillar that makes Scratch viable for new learners.

In the current version of Makeblock App, there is NO model for what a program should look like. There is NO observable model for how blocks should combine.

In the new version, the PLAY tools are static. There’s no way to see HOW they operate.

The EXPAND programs are static. They are control schemes for particular robots, but there’s no way to see HOW the cat shakes it’s head or how the robot chases the light.

The CREATE mode dumps new users into an empty screen. There are blocks on the left, but no guidance to how they work together.

Because I’ve used Makeblock for several versions, I have versions of the EXPAND projects saved in My Projects. I can’t create new ones. When working with my students, I can’t have them use a EXPAND project as the base for their own projects.

When you open the Dancing Cat project in the current version, this is what you see.

There’s no way to see HOW this program works. This a toy that you can play with until you’re bored, but never learn from.

Because I previously made modifications of a Dancing Cat, I have a copy saved in My Projects. This is what ALL Expand projects should look like.

Same functionality, but with the Design/Play selector at the top.

Scratch is powerful because if you can PLAY the game, you can also look at how the game is DESIGNED, and make a copy of it to tinker with. Previous versions of Makeblock App followed that model. The new one DOES NOT, and it’s a huge mistake.



@tec_support +1 for addressing this issue
Please bring back the functionality to modify and learn from the existing programs.
The android version is affected as well.


Thanks for the support.

This is a section from my upcoming boon on the mBot platform that’s no longer correct.

We started with the pre-configured mBot control program from the gallery. When we change any screen element in that program, the Makeblock app automatically saves it and asks to rename the project. Anyone can fiddle around with the pre-built robots in the gallery with full confidence that they won't destroy the templates.

Figure 2-9: Once renamed and saved, these modified projects will appear in the My Projects gallery.

Recent versions of the Makeblock app added the Playground project to the Official Projects gallery. Playground is a slick showcase for the mBot’s different possibilities, but you can’t expand or build on what’s provided.

Its annoying to change the text. But I’m deeply concerned about what’s suggested by the chaneg in features. Either Makeblock is deliberately moving away form environments that support and encourage tinkering, or they didn’t recognize the significance of this feature.



Hi andrew & forti,

Thanks for sharing all of your opinions.
I have provided feedback of your opinions to our Makeblock APP product team. They will reconsider it and add back this function if it won’t cause other problem.


Thanks for taking care of it


@tec_support +1 as well for this feature to be added back in. I had no idea it had been removed.

The OP is absolutely correct. It is critically important to be able to see how the existing programs work, and then learn by modifying them. It was a huge error to remove this feature.


Felt the same, but now in iOS 12 not so much issue.

With Regards,
Rohan Daga https://8ballpool.onl/