USB won't recognize machine


Hi, I was trying to work with a Mac (Big Sur) on which I put the latest laserbox software but it didn’t recognize the machine connected via USB. I installed the driver that came with the software and tried multiple machine and mac reboot,…tried different USB ports but nothing worked.
I managed to use a PC with an old version of laserbox 1.0.4 but I’d like to be able to use my personal computer that is a Macbook pro.



Hi rinopoli,

The laserbox machine did have the USB connection issue with mac bigsur due to they change the driver security mechanism. Please see the detailed explanation in attachment.why the mac os bigsur can’t connect to laserbox with USB (418.1 KB)

While, the good news is that recenlty, we have update the laserbox software (v1.1.4) and device firmware (start with 019) which solved this issue, please temperately connect laserbox to mac with ethernet cable or connect to other computer to update the software version and firmware verison, then connect to mac bigsur with USB cable have a try.


Thank you! I’ll try update the firmware with the PC then and then use the mac, will let you know if it works


I tried it and it still didn’t work! What can I do?


Hi alan_vb,

Do you also use the mac os bigsur?
What is the laserbox software version (v1.1.5) do you use and what is the firmware version (start with 020) on your device?
[Here is an instruction]( 《How to Report Problem Effectively?》) guiding how to provide some basic info to us first.
Besides, here are two instructions for the usb connection issue with laserbox to you for reference:
[Faild to connect Laserbox to Windows Computer via USB?]( 《Faild to connect Laserbox to Windows Computer via USB?》)
[Faild to connect Laserbox to Mac Computer via USB?]( 《Faild to connect Laserbox to Mac Computer via USB?》)

Laserbox 1.1.5 can´t update firmware

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