Update LCD 1602 Text Displayed Live


I am trying to send strings to a lcd1602 connected to an arduino uno rev 3 from mblock 5 in live mode but it does not work. Only it works if i change it to upload mode. But in upload mode i can not interact with mblock objects. I would like to send different messages to a lcd1602 display from a videogame in mblock.


The LCD screen blocks do not support live mode currently. @macoel sorry :confused:. You can use upload mode broadcast extension to control the screen live, though.

To do so, add your device and then add the Upload Mode Broadcast extension to it:

Make sure you have your favorite LCD screen extension too:

In the devices tab, select your Arduino device and upload the following code to the Arduino:

Now, go to the sprites tab and select the default sprite:

Next, add the Upload Mode Broadcast extension to your sprite:

Create the following code:

Now, click the green flag, and type in your screen message:

The screen on the Arduino should update to the entered text. I know it has been almost two years, but I hope this helps!

Best Regards,