Unlocked Levels reset


Hi everybody,
i’ve installed in a few Android tablet the MakeBlock app, to use with our mBot in our FabLab.
The “problem” is that after the usage, there are levels unlocked due to the previuos kid progresses…
Is there a way to reset the app so next kid can start from very first level without seeing the next ones?


I am afraid we need to uninstall and reinstall the App to get locked levels. By the way, Makeblock is the App name you used?


Hi and thanks for your reply.
Yep you are right, i was talking about the mBlock app!
It’s not possible to do this, even deleting particular folder / files in the Android filesystem?
I’ve tried looking in the fs, there’s a folder named com.makerworks.medu but nothing inside…


Uninstall the mBlock Blockly App, delete everything and then reinstall it, unlocked levels will be locked again.