Unable to connect app to any Mbots or Makebots


I have a classroom set of the new Acer Tab 10 Chromebooks which run android apps and about 50 makebots of all different types.
In trying to connect any of the robots, the chromebooks throw up a “Device nor supported, or firmware not detected” error, or instructions to update the firmware.
I’ve updated the firmware on each type of bots, updated the android app to 3.1.9, but the error persists.
The bots work just fine on a set of borrowed older android tablets, and on new iPads running 3.1.9 , just not on this type of tablet, which I’m locked into using for my classes! Help!

(Will the 3.2.0 update help with this? Also, why is 3.2.0 only available for iPads?)


Have you tried to update firmware or reset default program in mBlock (PC software)?
When you try to connect Bluetooth it says “device not supported”? Can you take a screen shot of that page for me?
What robot you tried? mBot, Ranger?
And Android 3.2.0 version is still improving and it will be available soon in Google Play Store.


Thank you for your reply.
I have updated the firmware using the PC version of the program several times, with no effect, and reset the default program several times as well.
I’ve attached the screenshot below.
This particular one is for the mBot, but I’ve attempted with the mBot, Ranger, Ultimate 2.0, and the Starter. (I work for an organization which purchased a large number of these for our programming, so I’ve tried it with several different robots of each model, with no success.)

I have also attached a screenshot of the error in the mblock app, which gives a slightly different error.


Makeblock App supports mBot, Ranger, Ultimate/Starter, Ultimate 2.0. If you got the second picture, reset default program should help. If it is not, please keep USB serial disconnected, keep all RJ25 ports unplugged, change new battery, then try again.
The first picture should happen to mBlock Blockly App which only supports mBot and Ranger. When use Ranger, please click on “create” first and then connect Bluetooth, then it will detect it as Ranger. If your device is Ultimate, you may see the error as the first picture.


Hello! I’m back. This program was never resolved, and our tablet still do not work, even after resetting the default program and trying every other solution. I came back to the problem assuming an update must have fixed it, but the issue stands. The error message is different reading “Please turn on location services before you connect the device”, but the bots still do not connect, despite location services being enabled. (The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is designed for school use, and so does now have a GPS chip, due to privacy and such. The “location services” option is however enabled for this app)
Please advise. I’m still sitting on 50 makebots that are borderline useless, and we’ve already had to redo a year of programming because of this issue.


Sorry for the issue caused. I understand you you have so many mBots with same issue that bother you for a long time. So I am thinking if we can have remote access to your device temporarily with anydesk software, also we can have video call via Skype. I hope to check and fix the issue together with you sooner. My working time starts from 9:00 am to 18:30 pm, Mon-Fri,China time. For better communication, this is my email address: stephanie.wu@makeblock.com.
By the way, a possible reason is that device cannot enough power from the battery, you may try new batteries and check again. Thank you.


I also faced the same issue and it got resolved after changing the batteries.


Did you check and see if the app has to have permissions? There may be permission settings somewhere that are preventing it from working.
You could also try uninstalling and re-installing the app if nothing else works.
Mention me as @Best_codes if you need further help.

Thanks for your time,