Turntable trouble


Has anyone else received the Robot Turntable? I ordered and received two, and I am having a problem getting the holes all lined up. The upper part fit well together but the middle disk holes don’t seem to line up, anyone else have this problem?


Hi spudmac,

Can you take some photoes of the problem you are facing?

So that we can try to help you with that.


Hello Eric,

I have sent you several pics of the problem, I tried all different combinations to get it to work and the disk simply doesn’t fit the brass studs, The odd thing is if you stack the turntable and all the disks on top of each other the holes line up, but when you add the brass studs it doesn’t work,


Hi Philip,

Christina has contacted with you and made the solution of this problem. So sorry about that and we will do as you ask for before sending you the replacement parts.

Best Regards,




I received a turntable yesterday, tried it out today, and what I found was: on mine the threads for the brass studs in the outer ring aren’t perfectly perpendicular, so the whole construction comes out somewhat skewed … i had to force it a bit when assembling, and there was some awkward friction in the ball bearing - which isn’t there when not assembled. I tried a stepper and a gear motor, both stalled because of this resistance. Now, I’m by no means a mechanic, but I guess this is the cause. I think, the planning of the turntable is fine, only the quality control in manufacturing needs to get firmer …


Hi mmeixner,

Can you give us your order number?
We will send you the replacement of the part as soon as possible.


Eric, just sent an email … :slight_smile: