This Forum Is Great!


Hi everyone,
It’s been awhile since I’ve made a topic. I thought I’d make one to tell how much I appreciate your support and this forum.

I got an account on another popular forum. I set my username to Best_codes. Then, I answered somebody’s question. Can you guess what happened? They said:
“Why did you take the username Best_codes? That’s stupid and prideful of you. You make horrible codes!”
Someone saw that and responded:
“Yeah, the code you posted doesn’t work. You’re dumb.”
For the next few days, the replies were like this:
“Change your username if you don’t want opposition.”
“Thanks, @Best_codes, for making my day better: this morning I saw how you answered the question and laughed at how stupid you were.”
“Where did you learn that trick, Coding King? Oh, wait, you aren’t @Best_codes! You’re Worst_Codes! P.S. The code doesn’t work after all.”

Finally, the bullies mass reported me and got my account suspended. Even some of the moderators took part.

I quickly decided I liked the Makeblock forum better.
We help each other, not discourage each other.
We help others, not bully them and treat them like they’re stupid.
Together, we build a better forum.
Together, we build a better community.
Together, we build a better world.

Keep it up!

Thanks for your time,


I’m a moderator now! And I promise I won’t abuse my power like the moderators on the other forum did!


I’d also like to mention my friends:
and many others! (Sorry if I forgot you).


Hi Best_codes,

Personally, I could have chosen Hulk as my nickname but I don’t have green skin and don’t throw a car as far as I know. So the comments of this type are of a stupidity which will always surprise me.

For the code then it is still a misunderstanding. This is not the best place to get the best code on a forum but to get help. People who help on forums take their time and usually don’t get paid.

I hope never to see this type of behavior on the Makeblock forum because the forum is intended for everyone including beginners.

Again, I appreciate the atmosphere you put on the forum because if seems more alive. I would have liked to see this life before I find myself something else to do :wink:

Do not let go…

Michel (Crackel)


OK, Hulk! :wink:


You’re right… I recently discovered that I don’t have any tail… strange