Support the MeGyro / 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor


There is no way to use the Me Gyro input in the app, although it is available in mblock 3. Could you please make that block available in the app too?

Thanks in advance.


Which app?
What is the main board?


The app on Android, called simply Makeblock (v3.2.0), produced by xeecos

The gyro should be under “Detect” where other sensor readings are available.

It is available on mblock 3:

And on mblock 5:


I tested Makeblock for Ranger, select “create” and there is block for gyro sensor.

So what is your robot model number?
If you are using mBot or Ranger, you can also download mBlock App which is quite similar to mBlock 5.


what you are showing is the mBlock Blockly app, while I asked about the Makeblock APP could you please add this gyro block in here? I have checked the ranger too, and it only has the gyro sensor onboard and not the gyro sensor I need.

But anyway my robot is the Ultimate 2.0, so I cannot use Mblock5 on Mobile/Desktop because you are not planning to support it.


I see, I’ll forward your suggestion to the software team.