Sorry 'www.mblock.cchttp software ' does not exist or is not available. mBlock3 and mBlock5 not available for download


When I go to Makeblock software download for PC:

And click on mBlock5 or mBlock3 I am redirected:

with this error:

Sorry 'www.mblock.cchttp software ’ does not exist or is not available.



It looks like there is a messed up set of links.

@tech_support, the mBlock download site is showing the following link (http://www.mblock.cchttp// when attempting to download mBlock:


thanks … hopefully this will be fixed soon. is there an alternative link?


Hi there.
Thanks for the feedback. We’ll check it.
But when I click on this link, I didn’t get the wrong website as you mentioned.
May I know where you saw the first link: ? Maybe we failed to update all urls in the forum. We’ll correct it as soon as possible.
Thank you!


I’d gone to but it looked to me like the site was being modified and hadn’t refreshed properly. The download page I got when I just checked it was ok. :slight_smile:


Ok. Any question, please feel free to let us know. :laughing:


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