[SOLVED] Translation error? mBlock Blockly App, mBot, Step 6-5


It looks like there is a translation error (it’s not the first one). The program looks correct but the app gives me an error.


Is this the correct translation?

Translation on Yandex

Try switching the Stop and Move forward blocks’ positions.

Thanks! @neonsan



After a lot of attempts I founded it was ‘backward’ instead of ‘frontward’.



No problem! I’m glad you resolved the issue! @neonsan Good luck and happy coding! :slight_smile: For everyone looking and @tech_support this is a translation error. Please resolve it.


@neonsan @everyone for future reference, here is the correct code and the English translation:

After note:
The mBlock App is about 35% translated into Italian so far. I volunteered so I can help get it done faster, but it will be a while before the app is fully supportive of the Italian language. Thanks for your patience.


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