[SOLVED] mBot 2 and iPad: How to code mBot Neo to move?



I am loving the MBot 2. I have never been able to get iPads to work with the Mbot 2. So we have been usig laptops instead. We want to get more Mbot 2s however, we cannot do so until we get them working with out iPasds.

I’ve noticed that on laptops I can see and MBot 2 device in the add devices section. Along with Cyber Pi.

However, on the iPad I see only CyberPi, which works on the iPads, but NO MBot 2. I can see Mbot. But NOT Mbot 2. I think this is why it’s not working. See screenshot.

Does anyone get the Mbot 2 to work on iPads? From what Iv’e seen there is no evidence that it does.

Any help will be appreciated,

Thank you


@drm917k try using CyberPi (the first device), then add the movement extension (mBot 2 shield).

Let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:
If you need help adding the extension, let me know.


Thank you so much!



Awesome! Glad I could help.


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