Sliding mechanism


Sliders on D8 Sliding pole


Very smooth !! a steper motor in only one side move it right ? or the structure get a bit stuck with only one side doing the force ?

Thanks Frank, keep in the good work !!!


You can use this structure to build a XY–Stage by adding two stepper motors.

The following picture shows the drawing robot we have built recently.


I see, but with the motor that moves the bigger structure and the other motor, because must be at a side, the movement is rigid ? i.e. it dont skew or something like moving up or down ?

Thanks !!!


It may move stable and will not have the question you discribe. We will upload a video about how it works soon. So that you can see more details about this robot.
Thanks for your support Markuitos…


These look very useful! Any idea when these will appear in a store??


We will upload a step by step guide about this robot include the part list. So you can buy the parts and build this by yourself. The codes and an Android APP will be uploaded too.


Could post here once you have uploaded the manual??


Hi hakim,
The manual will be uploaded next week. I will contact with you once it is done.

Thanks for your support!


Did you forget about the manual or are you still planning to make it?