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hi, new user. first post

i’m building a guitar robot. and looking to make a slider for the neck.
around 400mm travel on one axis to carry ~400gr.

i found a local distributor but before i order i would like to assemble my design in SKETCHUP, but alas, the files i found on grabcad are all STEP files. which my CAD of choice needs an $ importer to work with.

so, does anyone have experience with converting said STEP files to sketchup? or better yet, is there a sketchup repository available?


Hi, @yair, I think could work.


thanks Johnny
seems blender people use freecad for the translation.


im using the xy plotter v2.0 as a sample assembly to export.

unfortunately the part names contain non ascii letters so freeCAD fails to open it ([bug][2])

i found this guide from the grabcad site
solidworks to STL > meshlab to DAE (collada) file > sketchup
a friend which owns solidworks (its very expensive) helped me here

makeblock> i have only admiration for your effort to use open hardware principles in your products, it would help to :

  • use english in part names
  • supply all parts in an open file format (collada, stl ?)

btw. i used a renamer app to strip of all non english char to get meshlab open the STL files


Thanks, @yair. I will ask my colleague note that – English names and open file foramt


I had add this link to Wiki


Hi - the files are still in STP format - are they coming in STL soon?


Sorry, I got an type error here.