Sending Messages to codey rocky Cloud from arduino device?


I was wondering it was at all possible to send a message to the mblock5 cloud so that my codey rocky does things i tell it to from my arduino project which uses the esp8266? I have already managed to send messages from the sprite to the codey rocky but i was wondering if its possible to send it from an arduino device as well?


Unfortunately, Makeblock has already indicated that only Makeblock products communicate between two. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through Makeblock’s Anduino Uno, then through a Sprite (Computer) and then to Codey Rocky.

Conclusion: It is not possible. But, this is understandable because they cannot stand all of other people’s products.


is there anyway that i can communicate with the codey rocky without the sprite?



Communicating between the Arduino and the Codey without going through Sprites (Computer) is not basic. I do not believe that this possibility is possible.

Could you try passing it directly using the IR Remote extension?


other than the arduino i mean, is there any other device that i can get to connect with the codey rocky over internet cause i want the codey to do an action and also send info to a database at the same time, will the halocode help me achieve this?? i was thinking giving voice commands and then once the codey carries out the action i need it to send some info into database with http requests. i understand the halocode has a microphone but not sure if it can send msgs to codey without the sprite acting as a middleman and if it allows me to send http requests.


I did not understand.

I’m going to test this afternoon … with a halocode and a Codey Rocky



The codey has a microphone but you have to go through a PC to recognize the words. There was the Block WIFI and Micro in the Neuron kit but it won’t do what you are trying to do.

You have to go through a PC with a Micro.

Otherwise, there is the sending of commands. Button, oriantation, Noise, etc. with the Halocode.


i was thinking something like this on the halocode and instead of it flashing colors it sends msg to codey thats possible yeah?


This is exactly what I said.
You have to go through the microphone of the PC and it works.

But it does not work with the Halocode microphone; (

Example: You can say “go ahead” and the Codey can go forward.