Screw drive mechanism


Use this mechanism we can obtain a larger force and we can use it to Grip objects.



Geniuos !!
excellent desing.


Very clever indeed!


Thanks!i`m very glad to exchange our ideas with u.


Can there be a smaller piece with an inside thread as well? like a small wheel with threaded inside - that way it would be easier to build moving carriages connected to the rod that might not have the space for the full bar. (like one of the motor-mount-plates)

Also -> a method to combine 2 of these to have adjustable backlash-compensation-tension would be very very nice.


well,it must be more smaller,contains the Surrounding support structure and the Mainly motive mechanism,for example,the advanced design is just a M4-threaded rod and a block with M4-inside screw in the middle of it,so it can install to other module as a line-drive mechanism.this just my idea,do u have any other idea to this mechanism? :smiley:


I shall have to try this design first - I just got an email telling me there is 1 in the post for me! :slight_smile:

I think that maybe with 2 of these bars combined the machine can be kept under enough tension to avoid any backlash.

Looking forward to see how the stepper motor fits in to the picture too!


Hello, I just want to share the idea that could be implented with this part. This mechanism could be part of coil winding machine. There are a lot of hobbyst who make own colis for experiments, for instance, with tesla coils, also mini tesla coils. One only need one more motor and few other parts and programing of course. :slight_smile: